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BioViva USA Inc.: Revolutionizing Gene Therapy To Successfully Address Aging

BioViva USA Inc

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Overview :

The process of aging, previously regarded as a natural untreatable condition, has been recognized as a biological process which is malleable. At the cellular level, aging causes the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular damage, called the hallmarks of aging, that increase over time. In the present scenario, gene therapy has emerged as a promising and effective treatment option for a wide range of ailments, including aging. Gene therapy has successfully shown impactful results in reversing the processes of aging in model organisms.

Currently, several companies are harnessing the potential of gene therapy in seeking cures to successfully reversing the process of aging. One such company that is completely tapping the potentials of gene therapy is BioViva USA Inc. BioViva is dedicated to improving healthy human longevity by leveraging gene therapy for longer and healthier lifespans. Moreover, the company is developing cutting-edge gene therapies for revolutionizing people’s lives.

Venturing on a Promising Path

Established in 2015, BioViva is the brainchild of Elizabeth Parrish. A leading voice for genetic cures and spokesperson for the life sciences, Parrish is a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of regenerative medicine and based her MBA thesis around medical regulations.

After her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she realized that several promising treatments were not being made available to those who needed them most. In 2015, she received the first dual gene therapy to address biological aging—thereby paving way for the beginning of the genetic revolution and the launch of BioViva. Currently, Parrish is spearheading the company as the CEO and has been contributing to BioViva’s profound success.

Gene Therapy Against the Root Causes of Aging

BioViva is utilizing the latest machine learning algorithms to formulate hypotheses and validate findings, thereby paving the way for optimal combinatorial regimens addressing the root causes of the aging process. The company’s mission is to use gene therapy to address the deleterious changes to human cells and to eventually persuade the FDA that it is time to move from a precautionary approach to a proactive one. BioViva is currently using their proprietary platform—the BioKeeper™—to analyze the results from cutting-edge gene therapy trials on humans.

Delivering the Mission and the Vision

BioViva aims to shorten the duration between successful animal studies and the patients that desperately need them. Working with human medical studies allows the company to validate therapies that work and plan their launch into the regulatory system. The company captures both traditional biomarkers and aging associated biomarkers that are not found in typical trials. Meanwhile, they talk with clinicians to ensure necessary precautions are taken. The actual therapies—currently not on offer in the USA—are accessible by first-rate clinics and medical personnel. The teams work together to ensure the highest ethical standards as well as accurate data management is maintained to help improve gene therapy as a whole.

BioViva is committed to:

  • Creating the most robust gene therapies to treat biological aging
  • Bridging the stakeholders with biotechnology
  • Facilitating the development of treatments and therapeutics through the BioViva platform
  • Creating an open-sourced database, designed to be readily browsable by longevity researchers.
  • Accelerating the path to human trials for life-saving gene therapies.
  • Creating accessibility between biotechnology companies, medical researchers, and patients, thereby expediting research and development.

Operated by Committed Individuals

The team of BioViva is led and guided by Parrish. Comprised of diverse and dedicated individuals, the team understands the impact of its work and is given the freedom to be creative. Moreover, the team works on a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyles, while meeting the needs of clients and the scientific rigor demanded for the endeavor.

BioViva fosters the notion that an innovative company is not dependent on mainstream thinking. Hence, it attracts ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking styles while welcoming a variety of personalities. “Feedback is essential, we don’t look for my ideal perfection, we look for alignment on a goal and unique insight on how to reach it. The future is for everyone, all groups need to be represented,” states Parrish.

Evaluating Crisis and Incorporating Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of treating the elderly not only against individual conditions in a palliative manner, but also against aging in a proactive one—as aging weakens the immune system. Enunciating the overriding need, Parrish adds, “Treating aging has the potential to directly address the immune system and could reduce the risk of severe complications from infectious diseases.”

The COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacted the functioning and operations of every industry. To ensure safety, BioViva allowed all its employees to work from home to stay safe while maintaining their normal workflow. The company’s laboratory team also worked with a reduced staff. With respect to the importance of remote working, Parrish believes working from home allows people to work at their own pace and often leads to better customer service.

Patent-Pending Technology

BioViva’s patent-pending technology strives to revolutionize gene therapy delivery. The company’s bioinformatics platform aims to contribute to health predictions and recommendations, precision medicine, and the discovery of novel biomarkers.

The company is currently developing better gene therapy vectors for more nuanced treatments of the processes of aging. Its first research project was highly successful—it extended the healthy lifespan of a mouse by 41%. A promising venture, BioViva looks forward to offering it to aging humans as soon as possible.

Brief Note on Future of Healthcare

Analyzing the growth of the healthcare industry, Parrish believes the healthcare industry has not matched the advances in medical technology. She further adds that therapies will increasingly focus on the cell and less on the symptoms. In addition, the role of AI will increase owing to the huge amount of data becoming available.

Parrish adds that medicine will become more precise and personalized as patients gain greater access to information about their own bodies formerly reserved for their physicians. Moreover, data analysis will make earlier diagnosis possible and therefore therapies will be more successful. “We will move away from “sick care” and towards preventive medicine,” she concludes.

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