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the 10 most influential leaders
in the beverage industry, 2023

Cover Story

Alani Kean: CEO & Founder healthcare leader

Alani Kean individual who plays a prominent and influential role in the healthcare industry, often in administrative, managerial, or executive positions. They are expected to make ethically sound decisions



Mallory Brianne: Administrative Role

They ensure that the healthcare facility complies with all relevant laws and regulations. This includes maintaining compliance with healthcare privacy ...

Dr. Frederica Kane:Clinical Expertise a healthcare leader doctor

They may consult on complex medical cases, provide guidance to clinical staff, and ensure the highest standards of care and ...

Dr. Gabby Essence:Clinical Expertise a healthcare leader doctor

They are often involved in initiatives to improve the quality of care provided by the organization. This includes setting clinical ...

Dr. Sophy Leon: Clinical Expertise: A healthcare leader doctor

first and foremost a highly trained and experienced medical professional. They have typically earned a medical degree (MD or DO) ...
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