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Michel Bielecki And Jeyla Sadikova: Pioneering AI Innovation In Preventive Fertility Care

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Overview :

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, the role of AI in preventive medicine is gaining widespread recognition for its potential to transform the industry. Early disease detection and personalised health interventions are becoming a reality, shifting the focus from mere disease treatment to proactive preventive care. The application of AI in fertility care is also showing great promise. However, challenges like the stigma associated with fertility care, increasing costs, limited support, and inadequate access to essential healthcare services for underserved communities persist.

To tackle these challenges head-on, today’s healthcare leaders must go beyond traditional knowledge and expertise. They must embrace technology and keep themselves abreast of emerging AI innovations, fearlessly incorporating these advancements into their practices.

Michel Bielecki, Co-Founder and CEO, and Jeyla Sadikova, the Co-founder and COO of, are the next generation of healthcare leaders. These ambitious young entrepreneurs in the medical technology field are determined to revolutionise fertility care through innovative AI solutions. They fearlessly challenge the status quo and continuously seek ways to enhance the well-being of their patients

Trailblazers Unite: Michel and Jeyla’s Journey of Innovation

Michel Bielecki, a medical doctor with an MD from the University of Zurich, complemented his qualifications with a Master’s in Public Health from the prestigious Harvard Chan School for Public Health. He served at the Institute for Public Health and Epidemiology in Zurich and also worked as an army doctor. Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michel played a vital role in conducting multiple COVID-related studies. His expertise even led him to briefly hold the position of Chief Medical Officer for NATO in Kosovo.

On the other hand, Jeyla Sadikova originally hails from Azerbaijan and moved to Switzerland in December 2020. Her educational journey began at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, followed by further studies at the University of Warwick. She ultimately obtained a Master’s degree in Strategy & Marketing from Imperial College London. Jeyla’s career path included working at BP and later joining McKinsey & Company, where she gained valuable experience in the Energy industry.

The paths of Michel and Jeyla intersected when Jeyla sought Michel’s medical assistance in obtaining a PCR test to fly back to Azerbaijan. During their conversation, Michel shared the challenges of the complicated, expensive, and time-consuming testing process. This discussion sparked an idea: they wondered if there were online services offering tests more conveniently and affordably. “After discovering that there were none, we decided to do it ourselves. That’s how our entrepreneurial journey started!” states Jeyla.

Fuelled by Michel’s medical expertise and Jeyla’s determination, the duo co-founded their first Digital Health startup, Testasy, to offer the first, fully-digital and proctored remote COVID testing solutions.

Testasy: Pioneering Fully Digital COVID Testing and Certification in Europe

Testasy was founded in 2021, amidst the peak of the pandemic, when the demand for COVID tests surged due to travel restrictions and health safety concerns. As Europe’s pioneer in fully digital and verified COVID testing and certification, Testasy aimed to provide people with the convenience of testing from the comfort of their homes, workplaces, or even cars.

Starting its operations in Warsaw, Poland, Testasy quickly identified the market demand for its services. With the motto “Travel like you used to,” the company sought to make travel enjoyable again by minimising COVID-related disruptions. Customers could easily order Testasy kits online, connecting them to a medical advisor through code scanning. The advisor supervised the online self-testing process, delivering COVID travel certificates within 5 minutes via email.

While travelling abroad, customers could use another Testasy kit, avoiding the hassle of finding testing facilities in foreign countries and risking exposure to infection. Michel and Jeyla proudly state, “Our customers simply followed the same procedure as they would in Poland, receiving their travel certificate without leaving their hotel, with the entire process taking less than 15 minutes.”

This convenience spared them from mandatory testing and long queues in Poland, where returning travellers had to endure up to 4 hours of waiting. Consequently, the company quickly gained popularity through organic social media buzz. “We had lots of cool content from our customers showing how they do their COVID tests on a beach, in a car on their way to a border, or even at a club in Ibiza. Lots of social media buzz – we spent almost nothing on marketing, everything was organic!”

The success in Poland paved the way for expansion into the Swiss market, where Testasy’s impact skyrocketed. Switzerland mandated COVID testing for travel and daily activities such as dining, gym visits, and work. Many Swiss residents in remote mountain regions faced significant challenges in getting tested, often having to travel for hours and endure long queues at testing centres. Testasy eliminated these hurdles, making testing accessible and hassle-free.

The company’s achievements attracted attention from various corporate clients, including McKinsey and Swiss National Television, and led to collaborations with music festivals and parties. A partnership with Abbott Pharmaceuticals allowed Testasy to offer remote testing with Abbott tests branded with the Testasy logo. As a result, the company’s presence expanded, cementing its mission to facilitate efficient and convenient experiences in a world adapting to new health requirements. Pioneering Fertility Care with AI and Aerospace Technology

“Imagine a world where fertility isn’t hush-hush anymore, but as normal and accepted as checking your blood pressure.” Good, because we’re just getting started!

In 2023, Michel Bielecki, Jeyla Sadikova, and Loup Cordey co-founded, an innovative startup that harnesses the power of AI and aerospace technology to create a cutting-edge fertility care platform. The inspiration for this venture dates back to Michel’s second year in medical school when an offhand comment by a professor during clinical rounds about the impact of substances like alcohol and drugs on fertility fluctuations sparked a thought – this was just pattern recognition.

“We pioneered the Telemedical approach during the COVID era, and with our new startup. Now, we’re harnessing the potential of AI to empower patients in taking proactive steps towards their reproductive health – we follow the trends we believe in!

At, their vision extends beyond fertility. Jeyla states, “Our vision is to make healthcare more efficient and inclusive, and we’re using tech like AI to get us there. In our new startup, for example, we’re not just making fertility care more affordable, we’re breaking down barriers and stigma, democratising access to a healthcare segment that has traditionally been reserved for affluent patients, while leaving out underserved communities.”

Through collaborations with leading medical experts and global institutions such as Harvard, experts from Boston IVF, and Weill Cornell, and with support from a highly sought-after accelerator, is on the verge of revealing revolutionary breakthroughs in the industry.

Uniting Nations Through Care: Michel and Jeyla’s Mission with Hack4Health Foundation

During their leisure time, Michel and Jeyla actively engage with the Hack4Health Foundation, an organization they co-founded. This foundation merges Swiss healthcare expertise with technology to provide support to underserved communities.

Originally launched as a hackathon in 2021, this venture has transformed into a notable volunteer movement known as “Friends of Ukraine,” hailed as Switzerland’s largest. This initiative is committed to aiding distressed regions within Ukraine. In 2022, their endeavors led to the delivery of over 200 tons of vital humanitarian aid. Additionally, they facilitated more than 500 telemedical consultations and played a pivotal role in establishing collaborations between reputable Swiss institutions and Ukrainian hospitals. The tangible impact of their contributions is evident through heartfelt photos from beneficiaries and the appreciative messages they receive, which collectively bolster their expanding volunteer community.

Looking forward, a new campaign titled “Fit For Winter 2.0” is on the horizon. This upcoming initiative aims to distribute warming pads and sleeping bags to newborns in frontline cities in Ukraine. The success of their previous campaign, which delivered 210 bundles and pulse oximeters to hospitals in cities like Odesa, Kherson, and Dnipro, underscores their capacity to bring about positive change.

“It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing”

With different backgrounds but complementary skills, Michel’s experience as a medical doctor accustomed to long shifts and Jeyla’s expertise as a former McKinsey consultant, well-versed in handling urgency and change, have enabled them to develop a strong bond of trust in each other’s decision-making.

When asked about their primary roles and responsibilities, Michel and Jeyla shared their perspectives on the joys and challenges of their work. Michel expressed his excitement about the constant learning experience his job brings, describing it as a rollercoaster ride.

“One day, I’m deep-diving into negotiation strategies for licensing contracts, the next, I’m untangling the knots of supply chain management, and the day after, I’m figuring out how holographic imaging works! It’s like this constant thrill of soaking up new knowledge and applying it in real time. And the stakes? High. Any wrong move and there are consequences,” Michel responds.

Jeyla addressed the dynamic nature of startup roles, highlighting the complementary skills she and Michel bring to the table. “Michel is the CEO, drawing from his medical background to build our vision. I am COO—a highly organised, people manager, making sure stuff gets done —no drifting into technicalities or lengthy deliberations that have a marginal impact on the company’s output,” Jeyla adds.

Regarding the aspects they enjoy the most; Jeyla cherishes the best part of her job. “We have an incredible network spanning the leading institutions in the world, which means that every day we speak to some of the brightest people in their fields, learning new things, and getting inspired along the way!”

However, they also face challenges that they find less enjoyable. For Michel, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific aspect, as the unpredictable nature of their startup journey brings a mix of hurdles and excitement. “Sure, it’s not always smooth sailing, but that’s the excitement of it, isn’t it? Every bump, every curve, it’s all part of this incredible journey,” Michel remarks.

On the other hand, Jeyla expresses frustration with encountering disbelief in their ideas. “There will always be someone who is highly sceptical (not critical, but sceptical), has a bias, and is determined to not change their mind. It can sometimes take a toll on our team’s motivation.”

“No Problems, Only Solutions”

Michel and Jeyla lead a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. However, finding individuals who match the utmost level of dedication, especially in the startup environment, can be challenging.

Initially, their leadership style focused on results, encouraging quick and efficient problem-solving. “Given our professional backgrounds, we started with a very results-oriented culture, fostering creativity in solving problems quickly and efficiently, and refusing to give up no matter the circumstances,” Michel and Jeyla explain.

Nevertheless, as they grew as leaders, they recognised the importance of understanding their employees on a deeper level and catering to their individual needs. “No problems, only solutions – remains to be our motto, but it is much more inclusive in spirit, giving space for our team to devise solutions they are fully committed to/happy with.”

“We’re Not Just Ready for This Change – We’re Driving It.”

When asked about the three trends driving the future of the healthcare industry, Michel and Jeyla shared their insightful perspectives.

Michel emphasised the significance of empowering patients and ensuring the utmost clarity in healthcare practices. “It’s about smartly using the tech we already have to take the heavy load off our doctors and create a seamless, integrated experience,” he believes.

On the other hand, Jeyla speaks from a business perspective and identifies two trends that will continue to shape the healthcare industry in the near future. Firstly, she highlights the growing influence of AI in preventive medicine, enabling early disease detection and personalised health interventions. This shift from disease treatment to proactive preventive care promises to redefine the sector.

Secondly, Jeyla emphasises the significant impact of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. These technologies offer the convenience of receiving medical attention from home, ensuring continuous care and timely interventions, which is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic conditions.

Both firmly believe that their company is well-equipped to capitalise on these trends, actively taking a lead in driving positive change and striving to improve healthcare for all.

Every Day is a School Day in this Game!

When asked for advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to enter the healthcare industry, Michel and Jeyla shared their valuable insights:

Michel suggests finding a trailblazer who serves as an inspiration, always pushing boundaries and exploring various technological solutions. “Follow their journey, soak up their experiences, and learn from them every week,” Michel advises.

Jeyla offers key pieces of advice for those venturing into healthcare:

First, understand patient-doctor journeys: Where do they get medical attention? Do they need referrals to get tested? Do doctors have certain liabilities? Does your product need market approval? This will define your business model.

Second, understand the insurance system of your market: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape in your target market, including coverage, networks, out-of-pocket costs, CPT codes, payors, and market approvals.

“This was my biggest challenge working in the healthcare business, and I quickly learned that none of my creative ideas will be realised if I don’t learn to tackle the insurance aspect,” Jeyla admits.

Finally, be tech-savvy: Digital health solutions pop up daily, easing every part of the healthcare segment, from electronic system integrations to scanning skin on your smartphone camera. Adopt, save time, and stay ahead of the curve.

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