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Quin Sandler: Leading Plantiga’s Stride into the Future of Human Analytics

Quin Sandler

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Overview :

Every human who walks somewhere once in a lifetime has witnessed foot pain. The reason is unknown. It does not matter a lot while just walking. However, in the long run, it badly impacts the body’s movement. Especially, for every sportsperson. Their foot pain was unheard of until the visionary Quin Sandler entered to come up with a reliable solution.

Quin Sandler, as the CEO of Plantiga, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to the forefront of human analytics. His journey with Plantiga began with a vision to revolutionize the way we understand human movement, and under his leadership, the company has made significant strides in gait analysis and wearable technology.

Educational Journey and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sandler’s educational background in political science and philosophy from Capilano University laid the groundwork for his innovative thinking. His early career saw him founding KeyStone Learning and The Principle Design Group, where he honed his skills in design, marketing, and product development.

Plantiga: A Leap Forward in Human Analytics

Founded in 2017, Plantiga has been on a mission to empower individuals to move better and live healthier lives. With its roots in Vancouver, Canada, the company has developed cutting-edge sensor insole technology that offers insights into movement health and injury prevention.

Their mission is simple: to use wearable insole technology to help ordinary people care for their movement health, move with confidence in the most important situations, and live life to the fullest.

Revolutionizing Movement with Smart Insoles

Plantiga’s products and services are at the cutting edge of wearable technology. Their smart insole system captures crucial movement data, providing athletes and individuals with actionable insights to optimize health and performance.

Plantiga: The AI-Powered Path to Peak Performance

Plantiga is an AI-powered sensor system designed for return-to-play and on-field monitoring. Their IoT sensors can be embedded in orthotics, shoes, sock liners, or their insoles to capture individual limb biomechanics, step-by-step, and stride-by-stride.

Bridging the gap between controlled measurements and real-world action, Plantiga’s unobtrusive, wireless sensors enable lab-quality biomechanical assessment in any setting. This allows for better decision-making and improved outcomes, mitigating injuries by identifying and training movement deficits.

Guiding Plantiga with Purpose and Precision

As CEO, Sandler’s role is pivotal in steering Plantiga’s operations towards its mission. His focus on innovation, collaboration, and science ensures that the company remains a leader in the human analytics space.

Plantiga, under the visionary guidance of Quin Sandler, utilizes accelerometry to meticulously track movement patterns. This non-invasive technique meticulously records the body’s acceleration across multiple axes. The data procured is then adeptly transformed into valuable metrics such as distance traversed, velocity, and vertical leap.

Moreover, the company leverages a suite of sophisticated AI/ML algorithms, a testament to Quin’s foresight in technological innovation. These algorithms are adept at discerning patterns within movement data, charting progress over time, and even forecasting potential injuries. A prime example of this innovation is the ability of Plantiga’s system to identify athletes who may be on the cusp of overuse injuries, thereby preventing them before they occur.

Quin’s commitment to empirical validation is evident in Plantiga’s thorough process, which ensures the precision and reliability of its metrics. Through rigorous internal testing and collaboration with external research entities, the company substantiates the efficacy of its algorithms. Notably, Plantiga’s distinction of being on the NBA Approved Wearables list underscores its compliance with the highest safety and performance benchmarks.

In essence, Plantiga, steered by Quin Sandler’s visionary leadership, stands as a formidable tool in the enhancement of athletic performance and the proactive prevention of injuries. Quin’s vision is not just to innovate but to transform the realm of human movement analytics fundamentally.

Overcoming Obstacles with Resilience

Plantiga’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. From developing reliable hardware to democratizing access to gait analysis, the company has navigated through various hurdles to emerge stronger and more focused on its goals.

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