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Swati Matta: The Tech Pioneer Enhancing Parental Well-being

Swati Matta

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Overview :

Parents are always thinking about securing their kids’ future. In this race, they forget to have to maintain their health. Which consequently results in physical and mental strain. In the long run, it is not good for the family or the parents themselves. Hence, a need for revolutionary healthcare service providers was missing. This was a domain Swati felt was untouched by many entrepreneurs. Which further converted an idea and passion into a well-established healthcare company.

Swati Matta is the CEO and Founder of Koble Care Inc., a company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of parents through its digital health app. She is an extraordinary healthcare entrepreneur with a vision to innovate.

The Visionary: Swati Matta’s Journey

Swati Matta is an influential figure in the health tech industry, with over 16 years of experience. She founded Koble with the mission to provide expert support and guidance to new parents, addressing the challenges of parenthood with a focus on empathy and strength.

Her career began with a banking job as a Quality Analyst. Later, she worked in several positions as a Research Analyst, Research Software Development, CTO at Telus, and Director at League Inc. This experience from different industries helped her begin a journey in entrepreneurship.

Educational Pathways: The Building Blocks of Swati Matta’s Career

Swati Matta attended the University of Waterloo, where she completed a co-op program that gave her hands-on experience in technology. This early exposure to tech played a significant role in her career, particularly in understanding how technology can improve healthcare access and patient outcomes. Before founding Koble, Swati was at League, where she led product and business development from inception.

Koble Care Inc.: A Beacon of Support for New Parents

Koble Care Inc., commonly known as Koble, is a digital health app for expecting and new parents. It was founded in 2021 by Swati Matta to provide personalized support throughout the parenting journey, from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

Their mission is to empower parents by fostering a community and offering expert guidance. They emphasize navigating the journey of parenthood, from family planning all the way through to returning to work after having a baby. To make it easily accessible, Koble is available in the mobile app store.

It showcases the app’s focus on curated educational videos led by healthcare professionals. These sessions are organized into themed courses, making the learning process engaging and structured. The app also allows users to connect with a coach who can provide them with personalized guidance as they navigate each stage of parenthood. The examples provided highlight the variety of topics covered by the app, from prenatal nutrition to postpartum recovery.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Parenting Challenges

Koble offers a range of services, including a dedicated coach for expecting parents, expert-led courses, and the ability to book appointments with various prenatal and postpartum experts. The app aims to provide peace of mind and tailored guidance based on the user’s stage and interests.

Leadership with Empathy

As the CEO, Swati Matta has been instrumental in launching and scaling Koble’s digital health solutions. She brings a unique perspective to her organization, emphasizing the importance of supporting the entire family unit, not just the birthing person. Her leadership focuses on creating an equitable approach to family building and supporting caregivers navigating parenthood for the first time.

Navigating the Highs and Lows: Koble Care’s Triumphs and Trials

The healthcare industry, particularly digital health, faces common challenges such as financial difficulties, recruiting and retaining staff, and adapting to technological advancements. Companies like Koble need to navigate these challenges to continue providing quality care and support to their users.

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