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The 10 Inspiring HealthTech Leaders, 2023

Cover Story

Ram Peruvemba

Ram Peruvemba: Navigating Through Healthcare Challenges with Innovative Brilliance

In recent years, the healthcare landscape has experienced notable changes


Kevin Goodwin

Kevin Goodwin: Redefining Healthcare Industry With AI’s Excellence

The continuously changing healthcare landscape requires leaders to be dynamic as well as proactive. To outsmart the competition, Leaders must ...
Joseph Hogan

Joseph Hogan: A Visionary Leader In Orthodontics

Joseph Hogan, the CEO of Align Technology, stands out as a prominent figure in the orthodontics industry. His career, which started ...
Jose michan

Jose Michan: Unleashing Innovation In Healthcare With Telemedicine

In the fast-paced realm of healthcare, where innovation is the key to success, Jose Michan stands tall as a true trailblazer. As ...
Barbara Khozam

Barbara Khozam: Harnessing Effective Communication to Transform Healthcare Experiences

The healthcare industry faced immense challenges during the pandemic, presenting a chaotic scenario for healthcare professionals. However, responsible management and ...



Unraveling the Gut-Brain Connection: How Your Gut Health Impacts Neurological Diseases

In recent years, scientists have uncovered a fascinating and intricate connection between our gut health and the well-being of our ...
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