The 10 Prominent Healthcare Leaders in 2023

Cover Story


Joseph J. LaPorta: Reshaping The Healthcare Landscape With Execution Leadership

Joseph J. LaPorta is a distinguished senior executive renowned for his transformational



The Health Bank Global: Transforming Healthcare Space through Technology and Professional Expertise

The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, shifting its focus from reactive “sick care” to proactive “health and …


Kristie Baird: An Ardent Leader Influencing Medical Sector With Ingenuity

Resiliency and determination are two of the most prevalent qualities an entrepreneur must-have today. Challenges and setbacks are a part …


Empowering Healthcare Transformation: Dr. Lee Mun Heng & Elayne Soh Lead With Warmth And Personalized Medical Services To Shape A New Era Of Care 

Dr. Lee Mun Heng is the Aesthetic Doctor and Founder of Beyond Medical Group. His journey began at the prestigious University …


Jim Cavan: Building A Healthcare Platform Beyond The Language Or Social Barriers

Information is power. Having the information about patients’ health can make their families feel safe and allow them to monitor …



Nurturing the Potential of Global Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities

In recent years, global mental health has gained recognition as a critical issue that affects individuals, families, and communities worldwide. …

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