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The 10 Prominent Healthcare Leaders in 2023

Cover Story


Joseph J. LaPorta: Reshaping The Healthcare Landscape With Execution Leadership

Joseph J. LaPorta is a distinguished senior executive renowned for his transformational



The Health Bank Global: Transforming Healthcare Space through Technology and Professional Expertise

The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, shifting its focus from reactive “sick care” to proactive “health and ...

Kristie Baird: An Ardent Leader Influencing Medical Sector With Ingenuity

Resiliency and determination are two of the most prevalent qualities an entrepreneur must-have today. Challenges and setbacks are a part ...

Empowering Healthcare Transformation: Dr. Lee Mun Heng & Elayne Soh Lead With Warmth And Personalized Medical Services To Shape A New Era Of Care 

Dr. Lee Mun Heng is the Aesthetic Doctor and Founder of Beyond Medical Group. His journey began at the prestigious University ...

Jim Cavan: Building A Healthcare Platform Beyond The Language Or Social Barriers

Information is power. Having the information about patients’ health can make their families feel safe and allow them to monitor ...



Nurturing the Potential of Global Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities

In recent years, global mental health has gained recognition as a critical issue that affects individuals, families, and communities worldwide. ...
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