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Ram Peruvemba: Navigating Through Healthcare Challenges with Innovative Brilliance

Ram Peruvemba

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Overview :

In recent years, the healthcare landscape has experienced notable changes, leading to a shift from the conventional fee-for-service reimbursement model to a value-based approach. This transformation involves a fundamental change in how healthcare providers and systems are rewarded, emphasizing improving health outcomes. Specifically, attention has focused on understanding the impact of social determinants of health (SDOH) on overall health results.

This transition to a value-based care model has been an ongoing effort pursued by organizations such as CMS and various payers and regulators. Notably, Ram Peruvemba, MD, FASA (Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at has actively engaged in collaborations with CMMI to develop the Total Cost of Care model in Maryland. This initiative serves as a prime example of a value-based care model in action.

Ram states, “Providers need to focus on preventive medicine to decrease the incidence of hospitalizations and high-cost medical interventions.” This requires a deep understanding of the clinical, social, economic, and environmental factors contributing to adverse health outcomes. Moreover, practitioners must be ready to embrace innovative technologies capable of conducting real-time analyses of variables that could negatively affect individuals’ or populations’ well-being.

Ram Peruvemba’s Journey to Make Healthcare Better for Everyone

In the late 1990s, Ram completed his training in Anaesthesiology and Pain Management in NYC. He then worked as a doctor in hospitals and clinics for over 20 years. However, his journey didn’t end there. Ram also engaged in efforts to enhance healthcare on a broader scale. He became involved with groups focused on healthcare policies, collaborating with governors from both political parties. This showcased his commitment to improving healthcare practices, irrespective of political affiliations.

Nevertheless, Ram’s path took a significant turn when he recognized a crucial insight. He observed that people’s living conditions and identities played a significant role in determining their overall health. This concept, known as social determinants of health, became a central area of focus for him. “The turning point in my career is when I realized that health outcomes are largely influenced by where we live and who we are, so-called social determinants of health,” Ram reveals.

Together with his partner, Ajay K Gupta, Ram co-founded Their objective was to employ geospatial technology to anticipate how social factors impact individuals’ health. This approach enabled them to devise more effective strategies to assist those in need. This technology proves beneficial in various scenarios, including addressing the opioid crisis, enhancing care for mothers and children, and gaining insights into the ramifications of COVID-19. Revolutionizing Advancements in Geospatial Health Insights, under the guidance of Ram Peruvemba, specializes in utilizing intelligent tools for health predictions. Their predictive analyses assist doctors and organizations in planning strategies to enhance people’s well-being, and they demonstrated their effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company was established in 2013 with a significant objective: to forecast health outcomes using a unique tool known as the GeoMD Platform. The GeoMD Platform is a multi-stack, cloud-native, health-focused spatial data infrastructure (SDI) with an AI workbench. The Platform examines individuals’ locations and leverages that data to make informed projections about their health. It considers factors such as health records, environmental conditions, and socio-economic contexts. The remarkable aspect is that these predictions prove to be genuinely valuable. They provide insights to medical professionals, healthcare systems, and public health entities worldwide. These insights enable them to devise strategies and take measures to promote better health. focuses on critical concerns like addressing the opioid crisis, enhancing maternal and child health, and curbing the rapid spread of diseases. distinguishes itself through the efficacy of its predictions. They have collaborated with major healthcare organizations to validate the accuracy of their projections. Notably, they contributed during the COVID-19 crisis by employing their tool to forecast the potential spread of the virus and identify communities at higher risk. This proactive approach enabled healthcare providers to prepare adequately in the appropriate locations. Their predictions were utilized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in regions such as Africa (WHO-Afro) and Central America (WHO-PAHO). excels in comprehending critical issues such as opioid overdoses and the challenges faced by mothers and children. They hold patents for their intelligent solutions. Furthermore, their commitment to ensuring equitable access to good health is commendable. They employ data about factors influencing health equity to guide their efforts.

Pioneering Healthcare Transformation with Smart Tech

Ram is dedicated to enhancing healthcare through innovative technology. He effectively communicates and substantiates his ideas, even in challenging times like the pandemic. His passion lies in optimizing healthcare using intelligent solutions.

As the Chief Medical Officer at, Ram’s primary responsibility is to ensure the GeoMD Platform delivers valuable insights. These insights empower physicians, healthcare organizations, and public health entities to implement strategies that promote better health. Ram’s unique background as a physician, a leader in public health, and the CMO of a health tech company sets him apart. He comprehends the diverse requirements of different groups, enabling them to utilize the platform for targeted interventions. He is also dedicated to ensuring their technology is easily accessible, integrates well, and adheres to standard protocols. Ram asserts, “My understanding of the healthcare ecosystem has greatly influenced the development of our geospatial technology along three pillars: accessibility, interoperability, and standardization.

Ram has encountered challenges as well. The healthcare industry can be hesitant to adopt new technology due to concerns about potential risks. Ram had to demonstrate the utility of their technology. He discussed it in major international meetings, emphasizing how their specialized technology, combined with intelligent computing (AI), can genuinely enhance healthcare. Ram’s efforts extended beyond words; he provided concrete results. When COVID-19 was spreading, Ram’s predictions proved remarkably accurate. This accuracy assisted major healthcare organizations in allocating resources effectively. This success, among others, bolstered belief in their technology.

Innovating Healthcare Systems with Smart Technology

Ram is dedicated to utilizing intelligent technology, practical concepts, and equity in healthcare. His efforts are focused not only on improving healthcare but also on ensuring that these improvements benefit everyone. The GeoMD Platform, the brainchild of Ram, is far from a conventional tool. This smart platform leverages location-based data to predict health outcomes. Its purpose is to aid groups such as doctors and healthcare systems in devising enhanced health strategies. They utilize the platform to analyze diverse health data and formulate valuable insights.

Ram’s diverse skill set contributes to this endeavor. He combines clinical expertise, public health knowledge, and experience with health IT entrepreneurship. This unique blend enables him to create sophisticated technology that draws from extensive health, social, and environmental data. He incorporates advanced techniques like AI and machine learning, complemented by visual aids such as maps, for a clear presentation. This comprehensive effort has led to patented solutions that address significant issues like the opioid crisis and maternal-child health.

Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ram’s technology demonstrated exceptional utility. It effectively predicted virus spread and identified high-risk communities and regions down to the Census tract level in the U.S. Ram explains, “They have been validated through application towards predicting COVID-19 transmission and hospitalization risk, allowing for more data-driven, equitable mitigation, treatment, and resource allocation methodologies.” This invaluable support empowered significant healthcare decisions.

However, Ram’s focus goes beyond technology alone. He recognizes the importance of seamless integration with medical practices and the necessity of accessible and shareable health data. Moreover, he emphasizes financial prudence, as exemplified by his role in facilitating a $100 million deal to establish the largest anesthesia provider in the nation. Ram advocates for fairness, participating in initiatives aimed at ensuring equitable health data distribution. He states, “Through my collaboration with the Milken Institute Financial Innovation Lab, I helped create a roadmap for engaging and incentivizing multiple stakeholders to invest in technological innovations that target public health concerns, particularly emergencies.”

Ram’s aspiration is to establish an extensive health data repository that serves various purposes, from healthcare management to emergency response. This repository, he believes, will drive companies to contribute positively to society. Ram’s vision is succinctly expressed in his words: “At present, I serve on the Creating Healthier Communities Health Equity Committee. My vision is a robust health equity data repository upon which, utilizing risk indices and public health models, to provide stakeholders with actionable insights.”

Ram’s Perspective on the U.S. Healthcare System

Ram expressed, “I believe the healthcare system is headed in the correct direction in that a focus on health outcomes is critical.” Currently, healthcare leaders heavily rely on historical clinical data to assess health risks. However, Ram envisions a more comprehensive approach. He aspires to encourage the industry to integrate location-based data, including factors such as environmental factors, climate change, social influences, and economic conditions. According to him, this approach would offer a broader understanding of the health risks faced by individuals and communities alike.

Ram’s vision extends beyond data analysis. He emphasizes the significance of this comprehensive understanding for advancing health equity. Particularly during emergencies, this holistic perspective gains heightened importance. Ram’s goal is to transform the landscape of public health interventions. By incorporating a range of data points, he aims to establish a framework that ensures fairness and inclusivity, benefiting individuals regardless of their circumstances.

Fuelling Wellness: Nurturing Self-care

Ram’s life beyond work revolves around finding joy in simple pleasures. His hobbies not only provide him with a break but also foster connections within his family. Through activities like exercise and music, he maintains a sense of rejuvenation and readiness for whatever comes his way. Once Ram steps away from work, he embraces a range of interests from running, playing the guitar, and indulging in golf. Despite his commitment to his role at, he recognizes the significance of spending quality time with his family. He carves out dedicated moments for family activities and actively participates in his children’s hobbies as well.

Maintaining balance and prioritizing his well-being is essential for Ram. He draws energy from his exercise routine, particularly when participating in half marathons. When confronted with stress, strumming tunes on his guitar provides a means of relaxation.

Advice for Aspiring Healthcare Leaders

Drawing from extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare field, Ram offers valuable advice to budding entrepreneurs. He states, “Develop an area of focus in healthcare and stay true to your passion and direction even in difficult times.”

According to Ram, the healthcare industry is known for its resistance to change, and introducing novel technologies will demand persistence and a dedication to educating stakeholders within the field. Given that healthcare decisions directly impact human lives, there exists a well-defined validation process for new approaches and technologies. It is important to recognize that this process may differ from those observed in other industries. Misunderstanding this unique aspect often leads to the perception that change within the healthcare sector is slow.


“Our understanding of healthcare has helped us communicate our solutions to the healthcare industry.”

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