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Sally So: Pioneering Personalized Wellness with AI and Genomics

Sally So

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Overview :

Sally So (Co-founder of is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in public relations, marketing, and finance. Her background spans leadership roles at Destinverse Ltd. and SinoX Capital Limited, and she holds an MBA from Lansbridge University, a Master of Laws in Natural Resources Conservation from University College London, and a Negotiation Mastery certificate from Harvard. Sally’s passion for personalized health led her to found, a company that leverages genetics, AI, and IoT to revolutionize wellness.

From Personal Struggles to Personalized Wellness

Sally’s personal health journey is what sparked the creation of As she says, “experiencing firsthand how profoundly eczema affected my life” ignited a passion for personalized wellness solutions.

This experience led her to believe that “genetics and environment play a critical role in influencing your body’s responses to various conditions.”

With this understanding, Sally co-founded The company leverages AI technology to analyze an individual’s DNA, aiming to provide users with actionable strategies to manage their health and well-being. Her mission is to empower people to take a proactive approach to their health and ultimately mitigate potential lifelong challenges through personalized insights.

Empowering Women with Actionable Health Insights targets health-conscious women over 35, offering a range of personalized wellness products and services. The company uses AI and genetic analysis to deepen users’ understanding of their health.

Through predictive genetic health risk analysis, women can gain insights into their predisposition to certain health conditions. then translates this information into actionable recommendations and creates personalized wellness routines based on an individual’s unique DNA.

This goes beyond static reports;’s AI-powered platform offers real-time lifestyle guidance through a digital twin, simplifying health data management. This empowers women to take a proactive stance on their well-being. This way, helps women achieve a holistic approach to wellness by managing health risks, optimizing lifestyle choices, and personalizing beauty routines.

Unlocking Personalized Wellness with

Sally and her team harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and genomic analysis to reveal personalized wellness and beauty insights.

Users can feed data from diverse sources, including DNA tests, blood work, fitness trackers, and more.’s advanced algorithms process this multi-dimensional data to construct a comprehensive 360-degree health profile.

Then, upon identifying potential risk factors, formulates personalized recommendations covering nutrition, fitness, preventative care, and other areas. These tailor-made suggestions aim to enhance the user’s overall well-being, enabling them to take control of their health. doesn’t just target health-conscious women above 35; it broadens the scope to cater to all ages. Younger generations are increasingly proactive about anti-aging and preventive care, eager to maintain a youthful appearance.

Jenny K, age 24, mentioned to Sally, ‘I can’t wait for to launch. As a young professional who is always on the go, I’m constantly looking for ways to stay healthy and maintain my youthful appearance. I am most excited for Genomii’s personalized approach as I am often confused about what beauty products are best for me.’

Leading from the Front: Connecting with the Community

As CEO, Sally’s days are a dynamic mix of strategic planning, team meetings, partner discussions, and continuous learning. She scrutinizes data, spots trends, and crafts roadmaps to guide the company’s future. Innovation thrives in brainstorming sessions as she collaborates with the AI team, partners, and staff.

However, Sally’s leadership extends beyond the corner office; she actively engages with the community. This balanced leadership approach keeps her grounded and ensures everyone aligns with the common goal of empowering people with personalized health insights. As Sally puts it, “the opportunity to pioneer a solution that can truly transform lives” fuels her passion for

Unleashing Collective Brilliance: Sally’s Blueprint for Innovation

Sally understands that creating a high-performing team at involves more than just issuing commands. She fosters an innovative and collaborative environment by emphasizing the importance of clear communication and staying true to the transformative vision. This shared vision unifies diverse specialists – from medical experts to data scientists – rallying everyone’s unique skills toward’s ambitious goals.

Furthermore, Sally believes that empowering individuals and nurturing a culture of continuous learning can lead to the best solutions emerging from unexpected sources. This open and collaborative approach enables’s team to tap into its collective brilliance to reach ambitious healthcare AI goals.

Unveiling Tomorrow:’s Visionary Leap into Health

Sally has ambitious plans for the future of The company is set to expand its scope beyond physical health, venturing into new territories like mental health and longevity. As Sally says, “We want to map how genetics and lifestyles influence psychological well-being and the aging process itself.” This groundbreaking research has the potential to transform our comprehension of these intricate areas.

To ensure ethical innovation, is assembling an advisory board of esteemed researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates. This dedication to ethics and user focus will guide the company’s growth as it strives to equip individuals with a more comprehensive approach to lifelong well-being.

Redefining Work-Life Balance Through Passion and Purpose

Sally doesn’t subscribe to the traditional idea of work-life balance. She says, “I don’t see work-life balance as choosing between tension and leisure but as integrating passion with purpose.”

Her work at is a source of joy and creativity, fuelled by the positive impact it has on people’s lives. This passion seamlessly blends with her personal life.

Sally believes that one’s personal life should revolve around “performance-boosting leisure activities,” essential for maintaining a holistic lifestyle. During her off hours, Sally cherishes time with her family and practices meditation to rejuvenate her mind. This focus on well-being allows her to stay true to the values she champions at, creating a positive and sustainable approach to work and life.

Lifelong Learning and Strong Mentorship

Sally has years of valuable experience to share with aspiring healthcare leaders seeking to emulate her path. She emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability, stating, “Pursue lifelong learning and adaptability, seek mentors, and relentlessly pursue your vision, continually evolving your approach through insights.” This journey of continuous learning, bolstered by robust mentorship, arms leaders with the tools to navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Additionally, Sally recognizes the power of a strong vision, urging healthcare leaders to “never lose sight of your driving mission to create transformational impact.” This commitment to a greater purpose fuels innovation and empowers leaders to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

Sally also encourages curiosity about emerging technologies as she believes “integrating advanced technologies profoundly empowers achieving our healthiest, most vibrant lives.” By welcoming these advancements and weaving them into healthcare solutions, aspiring leaders can drive the industry forward and empower individuals to lead their healthiest lives.


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