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The 10 Most Visionary Healthcare CEOs of 2024, Vol. 2

Cover Story

Sally So

Sally So: Pioneering Personalized Wellness with AI and Genomics

Sally So (Co-founder of is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in public relations, marketing, and finance. Her background spans leadership roles at Destinverse Ltd. and SinoX Capital Limited, and she holds an MBA from Lansbridge University,


Lorri Haines

Lorri Haines And Ferne McCann: Uniting Entrepreneurship And Empathy In Healthcare

In the realm of accomplished individuals, Lorri Haines (Co-founder and CEO of Shoorah Ltd.) and Ferne McCann (Co-founder and COO) stand as luminaries who have navigated distinct paths toward ...

Michel Bielecki And Jeyla Sadikova: Pioneering AI Innovation In Preventive Fertility Care

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, the role of AI in preventive medicine is gaining widespread recognition for its potential ...
Kimberly Tucker

Kimberly Tucker: Passionate Entrepreneur On A Path To Revolutionize Healthcare Business

In today’s dynamic business landscape, we are witnessing a remarkable transformation in how women approach leadership. What was once a ...

Empowering Healthcare Transformation: Dr. Lee Mun Heng & Elayne Soh Lead With Warmth And Personalized Medical Services To Shape A New Era Of Care 

Dr. Lee Mun Heng is the Aesthetic Doctor and Founder of Beyond Medical Group. His journey began at the prestigious University ...
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